How are they doing?

Readers have been asking how individuals profiled in the five-part Circles series concluding today have fared. Following is a rundown:

* Crystal Fach was featured in part one Thursday. She has been sober for more than three years and again has custody of her two sons. She has completed high school and begun work apprenticing as a hair stylist. Fach said she told her story to make the community aware of the dangers of drug abuse.

* Ed Wolsey Jr., featured in part three Monday. He is contemplating a return to college and continues to be an active member in his men's group and church.

* Monique Rivers was featured in part four Tuesday. She is busy with the tenant group Parents Standing Together, which now has an associate members list that includes representatives from Crime Stoppers, the YMCA, the Lambton Kent District School board and Sarnia-Lambton Rebound.