HomeTrak Inc. has designed a database based on the needs of Circles Canada. This database system has many features to enhance the Leader/Coach relationship and reporting.

Some of the features are:

  • Paperless system if using tablet-based environment
  • Cloud-based software (server located in Toronto)
  • Access to your data from anywhere – made even easier by using the mobile app or purchasing tablets
  • HomeTrak has recommended the purchase/usage of an Android-type tablet (i.e. HP Tablet) for mobility. These tablets have the ability to download full system software/database to take with you to appointments, meetings, etc… and since this is a “Cloud-based” system all of your data is instantly saved to any other computers (i.e. your desktop at the office)
  • HomeTrak has customized the software to meet the various needs of the Circles system.
    This would include:

    • Ability to enter and store case notes – LIVE – along with a variety of categories
    • Ability to keep up-to-date with 'required dates' such as easy access to locating
      those Leader/Allies/Volunteers still requiring the necessary paperwork (i.e. Criminal Reference Check or Bridges training)
    • Ability to 'flag' a leader/situation for follow-up (i.e. Leader in crisis)
    • Ability for all staff to have access to all Leader information (per site only) should a Coach be away from their caseload (i.e. illness) – this way the other Coaches have the ability to be up-to-date on leader situations
    • Reporting options: ability to track a Leader's progress (all of the information from the Leader Progress Report and Life Assessment forms will be tracked and reportable with the click of a button)
    • Should a Leader become “Inactive” at any time the history is kept and can be changed back to “Active” with all of the previous history readily available
    • “Pop-up” alerts available for any task/leader/situation. For example, a Coach tags a Leader’s file with “Do not call until 5:00 pm” – whenever anyone looks at that particular leaders file this pop-up will appear